Addition of FAA Radars to Project CRAFT


The FAA operates a number of radar systems (Weber, 2000, AMS Aviation Weather Symposium; see below) that provide weather information (e.g., the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar, or TDWR;  the Airport Surveillance Radar, or ASR; and the Air Route Surveillance Radar, or ARSR), and efforts are now underway to explore their addition to the CRAFT infrastructure.  Specifically, based upon preliminary discussions with the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma, City, an initial CRAFT-type ingest test is planned for an experimental Monroney TDWR in early 2001.  Like the WSR-88D, the TDWR is undergoing a major re-host to open systems, and also uses a RIDDS-type computer to make base data available.  If the TDWR test is successful, if funding is available, and if the FAA approves, the TDWR radars will be added to CRAFT and, simultaneously, ingest tests will begin on the other radar systems.

The collection of FAA radar data via the Internet, and its addition to WSR-88D data, was proposed by the MIT/Lincoln Laboratory following the implementation of CRAFT (Weber, 2000), and apparently without prior knowledge of it as well.  The CRAFT leadership is very encouraged that the MIT/LL vision is congruent with its own, and the MIT/LL will be an important collaborator on this effort.