SPECIAL NOTICE:  Owing to the holidays
and the AMS Annual Meeting, the deadline for
submitting manuscripts to the May 3rd Special Issue
has been extended to 28 February 2001.  This is



Special Issue of Weather and Forecasting
Devoted to Papers on Various Aspects of the

Great Plains Tornado Outbreak of 3 May 1999

I am pleased to announce that the American Meteorological Society has agreed to devote an entire special issue of the journal Weather and Forecasting to papers focussed on various aspects of the Great Plains tornado outbreak of 3 May 1999.  It is anticipated that the majority of papers in this issue will be based upon oral or poster presentations from the National Symposium.  This will be the first time that a single journal issue will include papers on such diverse topics as epidemiological, wind engineering, and societal aspects, along with more traditional meteorological papers -- and all, of course, regarding the May 3rd outbreak.  If you gave an oral or poster presentation at the Symposium, I encourage you to submit a paper for consideration in this special journal issue.

Since many authors have been preparing manuscripts on their symposium presentations for some time, the deadline for submission is 31 January 2001.  All submissions will be subject to formal peer review, and submission does not automatically guarantee acceptance for publication. For those of you who gave oral or poster presentations at the May 3rd Symposium in Oklahoma City, or at the AMS Annual Meting, please note that your manuscript need not precisely follow those presentations.  The only restriction is that the research be specific to the events of May 3rd.  Since many of you have not submitted articles to AMS journals, I refer you to the following web page for complete instructions on manuscript preparation guidelines as well as submission and review procedures: 


The American Meteorological Society requests that the authors' institutions pay a publication charge in the amount of $115 per journal page (typically 3 double-spaced manuscript pages = 1 journal page), which if honored entitles the authors to 100 free reprints.  If it is expected that this page charge will be a burden and could preclude submission of your work, please approach the editors of Weather and Forecasting for further information and instructions.

Once your manuscript is in the appropriate format (see the AMS web page listed above), please submit five copies of your manuscript, original figures, and a transfer of copyright form directly to the Chief Editor at the following address:

Dr. Robert A. Maddox, Chief Editor
Weather and Forecasting
The University of Arizona
Dept. of Atmospheric Science
P.O. Box 210081, Room 542
Tucson, AZ 85721-0081

Further inquiries may be directed to Dr. Maddox at robert.maddox@nssl.noaa.gov.